by thelvnguage

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this is an album by thelvnguage


released May 5, 2017

Album Cover by Mike Paciello
Mixing: Rob Van Zandt
Mastering: Rob Van Zandt



all rights reserved


thelvnguage New York, New York

live from new york city: thelvnguage

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Track Name: can you dig it?
can u dig it
Track Name: humiliatrixxx
It won't be long, baby;
you know I'm the patient type.
Make moves like the wax that melts to sweeten up your lonely room.
I'm a fool with a sweet tooth
and a fixing on you.

Don't you want me to

spoil you, inside out.
Let me know what you're about.
Where'd you get those fancy clothes?
Am I the reason you check your phone?
Late night, appetite; crave me for your midnight bite.
I feel close to you knowing it's not what I'm supposed to do.

Let me know what you think of me,
masochistically, I'm truly intrigued
by your material bias.
Do your legs shake if I turned off the lights?
I'm torn from my own persistent tendencies,
forcing a wind of vacancy upon me.

Let me spoil you, inside out.
Let me know what you're about.
Where'd you get those diamond rings?
I want to be the one to give you everything.
Late night, appetite, crave me for your midnight bite.
I feel close to you, knowing it's not what I'm supposed to do.

Strip away my apathy;
take me for my money.
Laugh it up with all your friends.
Baby, I'm just trying to pay your rent
til late night, when my appetite craves a bit more than what you're asking for.
I'm not close to you.
My addiction wasn't made for two.
Track Name: a major funk odyssey
It's heating up.
Look around, as smoke consumes the room.
People dancing in the flames.
They're dying for a scenery change.

There must be something in this drink that's causing me to think this way.
I'm hopelessly hoping we'll make it 'home' okay.


If you're here right now you're dancing in the fire.
And nobody is moving to douse the flames.
Don't you think it's strange?
It seems like we're moving thru the pain of being ablaze.
Doesn't this raise any doubts?
Skeptic running thru our minds, into our mouth.
Will someone be our firefighting baby?
Apprehension is driving me crazy.


Hey, Mr. DJ!
Why don't you play my favorite tune?
I've been thinking you've been holding out; it's coming soon -
at least we hope it is.
You're becoming reckless.
I hope you get this message I'm sending in my moves.
I think it's time to set the mood.
Let's put an end to this fire, it's been burning [from inside out].
We reserve our doubts and question every single thing that pours from your mouth.
Track Name: raspberry jam
lyrics - 0
instruments - 4
Track Name: kings and queens
Islands in the sky,
hovering above paper cache foundations
that keep them high.
Way above the clouds;
the smog creates an isolated station,
away from the possibility of dipping your feet in.

And what good does it take
for a life we'd recreate?
Standing in our daily lines,
we reach to the sky to our gods above to manifest a way.


All color is beginning to change.
A long time coming, holds a day that strips away
the mass this utopian seclusion helped create.
In a sea of desolate space,
replacing bodies with a steel-solution craze.
While the kings and queens berate.
Don't treat me like a slave.
The sky fleet seems to scrape away your empathy.
As they dance off the empty.


Don't I look pretty in my new suit?
I'm feeling good in these new shoes.
Just caught word sustainability just increased for me.
No more clouds outside my window,
it's safe to roam.
What a curious case
for a desperate place.
Underneath the shadows, of which we roam above,
lay the innocence of lives that just supported us.
Exterminating a liability can hurt sometimes;
let us release the pain inside..
Track Name: wait for the bridge
Snappin' your bubblegums lips when you see me walking by.
The taste in my smile must cripple down your sweet side..
Do you sigh at the sight of my new friends when I breeze through?
Keep your tricks at bay, I'm over you.

I find satisfaction in the way it sounds when I say

I don't think about your loving.
It don't phase me none, no more.
Cross me once and you've done it.
Don't you tripping on your ego running back to me.

As you were flaunting your new life in a new time,
I was melting away on my couch with my mind on a crude line.
If I say what I mean, then I mean, I can't be as cold as you.
I think it's ok to say I'm over you

I find satisfaction in the way it sounds when I say.

I don't think about your loving,
It don't phase me none no more.
Cross me once, and you've done it.
Don't go tripping on your ego running back to me.

(2x after that bridge you've been waiting for)